Frequently Asked Questions

Strategic Considerations for Your Business & Clinical Teams

Q: Can Choice® adapt to changing healthcare regulations and business models?

A: Yes. Choice supports HIPAA, bundled and unbundled services, national, regional, or individualized care delivery models, in and out-of network navigation and data sharing, and even engagement level audits.

Q: Will Choice® improve health outcomes, support improved plan utilization, and reduce chronic care management costs?

A: Yes. Choice® supports individualized engagement. The more effective the engagement, the better the results & greater the cost savings.The Choice Platform Value Proposition

Q: Can I use Choice® for all my members and providers.

A: Yes. Choice provides a single user interface regardless of health condition or role.


Q:  Is Choice® limited to specific devices or platforms?

A:  No.  Choice leverages the Web and is designed to support any device, so it can be used based upon the multiple connectivity habits of users:

Intercom – Why is Mobile First Outdated

Choice® is designed to automatically deliver to your Web servers specific information about each user’s current device so you never have to guess about the how best to format and deliver your health content and services.

Q: Will Choice® reduce my support and onboarding costs?

A: Yes. Choice works the same way on every device.

Q:  How is Choice® different from other patient engagement solutions?

A:  Choice® is a strategic communications platform that supports any digital engagement strategy and any number of point solutions for health system navigation and day-to-day health and wellness management. Choice® unifies the navigation of all your services into a single, adaptable interface that enables real-time access to health services and content.

Q: Does Choice® support real-time individualized engagement?

A: Yes. Members can be dynamically guided based upon condition, health plan or even individual health goals. The level of personalization is up to you.

Q:  How do I license Choice®?

A:  Choice is software, not a service.   Our OEM licensing model puts you in control of your strategy, data and services.  You determine your unique data, navigation and personalization requirements, and may add and remove services on your schedule, reducing the risks and dependencies associated with most health IT vendors.

Strategic Considerations for CMIOs and IT

Q:  What is Choice®?

Choice® is a native mobile app.  In order to meet today’s more demanding business requirements, it includes Web standard improvements we made to the HTTP protocol (link to patent) that are not supported in any other mobile app, WebView or native mobile browser.

Q: Who controls the collection, flow and use of private health data?

A: You and your members. Choice is installed locally, it is not a service, so you can execute on your timeline. You can determine required data, such as name, ID, plan type or password, but the patient remains in control of their PHI. Data is only sent to approved service providers.

Q: How agile is Choice®? Can I deliver services by region, plan, condition or individual?

A: Yes. The level of differentiation is up to you. Make your changes on the Web and users can immediately access new services based on your unique requirements.

Q: Will Choice® support future digital health services & remote sensors

A: Yes. As new devices and data types become available, just add a new data field.  Choice®is web-based and can support your current digital content and services, as well as future plan-based or pay-per-use digital services.

Q: Do I have to update my infrastructure to support Choice®

A: No. Choice leverages your existing web infrastructure and digital health services as noted in the above diagram.

Q: Is it difficult to integrate Choice® with our existing infrastructure

A: No. Simply use web standard programming techniques.

Q: Do I have to update and redeploy Choice® each time I add a new service?

A: No. Choice® leverages your Web services and existing communications strategies. Updates are needed to support new types of health data or major OS revisions.

Q: Does Choice® allow users to manually enter health data?

A: Yes. They may enter data into the app or onto a web/portal page.