Wellness Use Case

Engagement Strategies for Wellness Programs

Sarah Adams is active young woman enjoying all the outdoor opportunities that Colorado has to offer. She is an avid cyclist and hiker, and spends her winter days out on the ski slopes. She recently bought a low-cost health plan. She is a healthy and only visits Dr. Osler for her annual exam – but like most others in her situation, she will likely start taking advantage of the “plan-included” screenings & services. While not generating the costs typically associated with chronic care patients, Sarah’s usage profile can lead to a hit on profitability, as she does not generate practice revenue beyond what is “pre-paid.”

Sarah’s home page is focused on “wellness”, but her high-altitude, active lifestyle choices put her at greater risk for developing skin cancer. It is in both hers and her provider group’s best interests to ensure she gets regular skin exams by a dermatologist, and it may be beneficial to engage in complementary therapies, such as massage or chiropractic, which helps prevent future joint and back problems common to active adults. Dr. Osler has customized her digital health experience towards prevention and brand engagement, offering easy access to appropriate appointment recommendations and practice-sponsored athletic events in her area.