Digital Health and Data Privacy Consulting

As the Industry Evolves, So Must We.

Change is inevitable, so we must adapt.  Changing regulations and consumer behavior are impacting long-established business models.  Mobile and connected devices are changing how we interact with each other and with healthcare providers. Today’s healthcare consumer expects greater choice, control and convenience when making health decisions than yesterday’s “patient” of old.

Our World is


Ask Different Questions.

Many healthcare organizations are struggling to incorporate technology into outdated care delivery strategies.  They see skyrocketing mobile app support costs with minimal business or clinical benefits. Connected health devices, smartphones, health apps and closed platforms complicate things even more. What’s next? What are the real costs? What about data privacy and control? Does your digital health strategy enable clinical cost reductions, help you improve outcomes, or generate new revenue opportunities? Should it even try? These are just some of the questions to consider as you revitalize your healthcare IT and data privacy strategies to proactively leverage digital health solutions.

Engagement is


Individualize Your Content & Communications.

Mobile is the most personal communication channel available today. It is also the most broadly used form of connectivity across all healthcare consumers, making it the ideal platform to engage patients in their health decisions. Do you have a plan to cost-effectively personalize your content, services and engagement strategies to support your subscribers and patients?

Mobile is

Changing Your Business.

The Patient Centered Home is Here.

The change has occurred, so make your digital interactions both effective and profitable.  Healthcare consumers expect to engage with you via their smartphones and tablets. Mobile is where patient engagement, connected health data and subscriber loyalty intersect. Is your digital health strategy prepared to capitalize on this convergence to support improved business outcomes and efficiencies – clinical, financial, regulatory and marketing?

Answers to your Digital Health and Privacy Questions.

Determining the most effective use of mobile and digital health technology can be daunting. The 3PHealth team can help.  We’re obsessed with how technology enables business strategy.  We’ve watched the Web mature, embraced mobile before there was “An App for That”, and were enabling digital privacy before debates hit the nightly news. We’re here to share our expertise and guide you through the opportunities and obstacles associated with utilizing digital and mobile technology to achieve your healthcare business and digital care delivery objectives.


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