Chronic Condition Use Case

Studies show that better outcomes and lower costs are achievable when you enable effective patient – physician engagement. In order to do so you must provide both with timely and relevant information, which will result in a desired positive health action. Using technology from Patient Engagement Systems we are able to quickly create the following three use cases from their sample database and present it in a personalized, meaningful way via multiple mobile devices.

Our thanks to Patient Engagement Systems – providing the right information, at the right time in order to do the right thing.



At-Risk Patient Identification and Engagement

This use case features how chronic condition detection and management are enhanced when patients and their doctors engage in real time, using the Choice® app and Patient Engagement Systems platform. It highlights how digital engagement strategies can support improved patient outcomes, clinical productivity gains, and reduced costs associated with poorly managed chronic conditions.

This video includes the stories of:

  1. Lucretia Adams, a young executive, whose early detection of kidney disease will lead to better management of the condition and quality of life
  2. James Truman, a moody grad student, who has just been informed that he is pre-diabetic and needs to adopt a healthier lifestyle, which will both prevent full-blown diabetes – and help him better manage bouts of depression
  3. Lyndon Johnson, a single father, who via remote blood pressure monitoring, simplifies his stressful life through immediate feedback and reduced office visits
  4. Dr. William Osler, who uses integrated diagnostic and engagement tools to improve the outcomes for his patients, while saving time and increasing clinical productivity

As you will see, Choice® can easily integrate with connected health devices, data stores, analytics and clinical decision support systems. This video demonstrates how a single application can support both patient and provider engagement – adjusting in real-time to support personalized care plans, deliver the right content and services to the right users, and streamline the process for real-time, patient-provider engagement.








Effective Chronic Condition Engagement

This screenshot showcases Lucy Garfiled. Lucy is a middle-aged, working mother of three. She is diabetic, but has, over time, brought down her A1C level. Still, she is over 7. She is busy, but committed to improving her health and being a “healthy” role model to her three children – a powerful intrinsic motivator to keep her diabetes well managed.

Also a patient of Dr. Oslers, and using the combined Patient Engagement Systems and Choice® platforms, her home page has it’s own unique flavor. Her motivational mention is driven by her love for her children. She uses technology to remind her to check and upload her glucose and activity levels – which she finds particularly helpful, give her on-the-go lifestyle. Dr. Osler has made available to her easy to find information on healthy eating and family-friendly cooking recipes.





Driving Engagement through Simplified Interaction

Dr. Osler’s last diabetes patient is Calvin Fillmore. Calvin, a middle-aged man, is not quite as motivated as either James or Lucy. A look at his home page indicates that Calvin has a pending alert – he is past due for an A1C test. His engagement strategy is centered on simplifying glucose tracking and encouraging him to engage more directly with the office staff and in the management of his disease.